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Jon Way, Vice Mayor of Manasssas, Virginia

I truly appreciate your support, help and encouragement during these past nine years.  It has been a challenging time which required a lot of hard work, goodwill and understanding to strengthen our city and make it even more vibrant and exciting.

My wife, Shirley, and I believe in Manassas and will help the city maintain its unique character and achieve its full potential in the face of economic realities and strong competition from neighboring jurisdictions. More about this in the "Issues and “News" pages.

  I am a sensible conservative who supports financial responsibility, transparency in government, public participation and strong family values. I am also a problem solver, not a problem creator.  As your Vice-Mayor I look for no-nonsense solutions recognizing and respecting the rights and opinions of all our citizens. At the end of the day, the city must and does work.  We cannot afford the polarized dysfunction we have seen for so many years in Washington.  

I always welcome input from citizens.  Please write me at or telephone me at   703-368-9174



Jon Way





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